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Fibo Quantum

It’s no secret that the world of fine art and collectibles has been massively disrupted by technologies stemming from the innovation of Bitcoin.

Non-fungible tokens, colloquially known as “NFTs,” are a relatively new technology that has taken the art world by storm, generating millions of dollars in sales across platforms like Nifty Gateway, Async, SuperRare, MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, Rarible; the list grows. Projects like NBA Top Shot and CryptoPunks are leveraging this technology to create digitally-scarce art and collectibles worth thousands of U.S. dollars apiece!

There have been large sums of value discovered in the realm of digital art and collectibles in the past few months alone. Advancement is rapid in this nascent space, and I imagine we haven’t seen the top yet, but where will it all “end up”?