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Blockchain technology has made its way into a lot of conversations in recent times. Almost all industries have been either thinking about implementing it or are currently doing so.

The coronavirus outbreak has claimed many lives and resulted in medical staff working day and night. 

Many in the healthcare industry have opted to use blockchain technology in their facilities. But it has not been a decision based on the epidemic. It has been a long-term plan.

Why blockchain technology in the healthcare sector?

Blockchain technology is expected to solve problems that have been faced in recent years. Most of these are related to medical records, medical supply chains, drugs, and data.

Blockchain will help achieve data accuracy and efficiency. It will also ensure transparency, which is high on many agendas.

Benefits of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry

There are plenty of advantages of using blockchain technology in healthcare facilities. Here are some of them.

Cost-effective and efficient

It is a much more organised and hassle-free way of keeping record and sharing data This will help medical companies run in a cost-effective manner without using much in the way of human resources.

This will also reduce medical expenses, which helps patients get treatment at cheaper prices. Staff members can efficiently work in shifts in a hassle free manner because information will be automatically recorded on the blockchain. 

Strong monitoring 

Blockchain technology allows easy transactions and easy use of information from one network to another. It saves a lot of time and results in precision in regards to monitoring of medical units and other documents. 


It helps with better collaboration. Using a distributed ledger, data and information remains formulated in a better way. It will also encourage others to accept blockchain technology and use it via the Bitcoin Eras app


Blockchain systems allow all kinds of connectivity, and also help with correct authorisation.


Blockchain technology has been used in many industries, and there have been various developments. But it needs more space and time, and also needs more acceptance. Let us know your views in the comment section below.