Top Cryptocurrencies to Consider Before Investing

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August 5, 2020

How much do you know about the Crypto market? Well, for starters the Crypto market is not synonymous with Bitcoin. There are several other well-performing cryptocurrencies in play which you should watch out for.

The prices of all these currencies are ever-changing and dynamic and this is more than true than ever. The reason being considerable strides made in the Blockchain development and technology space in their respective industries. 

Their underlying technology continues to evolve and so are the prices in this space. So, while more and more Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum recently it is important to make an informed choice before you decide where to invest.

So, these are the top 10 cryptocurrencies to consider while investing:



It is not imaginable to go about Cryptocurrencies without mentioning Bitcoin Pro. It is the super player in this space and so far, the best-performing currency. It is one of the most traded currencies across the world and the future looks promising for this one.



The second-best player after Bitcoin must be Ethereum and especially the last year has been incredibly good for it. This currency performs as per a Proof-of-Work consensus protocol, which though limits its scalability but despite that the profits it offers are high. Ethereum’s network has expanded beyond 1.1 million levels and that’s pretty good news. 



Litecoin is another close linked sibling of Bitcoin which uses a distinct yet similar blockchain system. Its easy algorithm does not any specialized mining hardware and is designed in a way that benefits from the inflationary fiat environment which points to nothing else but its huge scalability and profitability. 


Basic Attention Token 

BAT is an Ethereum-based digital token that is showing quite positive returns recently. This is one currency that over the last year has witnessed good growth and has grown more than 60 percent in the past three months. This makes it one of the most sought-after investment opportunities.



One of the oldest yet well-performing Crypto assets, VeChain is recently gaining the top spot in the currencies to watch out for. It operates within its network that has a smart contract layer allowing ownership as well as Blockchain application usage.



Another significant player in the race is Cardano. This is a two-layer system, which supports peer-to-peer transactions and is gaining huge popularity due to its distinct features. With smart contract integration and huge scale potentials it is on the way to becoming one of the biggest players. 



Ripple has two parts the Ripple token which is transacted on the Ripple platform that allows cheap and fast transactions. The platform is very efficient and so is the currency which is mostly on the rising side of the curve.



Neo is a blockchain platform like Ethereum except it supports common programming languages such as C++ and Java which makes it much easier to use and explore. It can support more than 10,000 transactions per second and its digital token is becoming very famous.  

You need to be well-updated with the market prices and trends before you make a stride in this market. It is as much important to choose the right currency to choose the right platform. So, lay your bets on the best one and grow your money considerably. 

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