Top 5 Cryptocurrencies With Potential in the Long Run

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Today we are going to be talking about 5 major cryptocurrencies that already have a high market capitalization, yet still remain good prospects in the long run.

1. Ethereum (ETH) – $38 billion mcap

Top 5 cryptocurrencies - Ethereum

Ethereum – Tradingview

We didn’t want to start with super major coins, however, Ethereum is simply too good to be ignored. Just recently, ETH has taken the lead being the first to see a breakout above a crucial resistance level and has gained around 2% in market dominance.

Ethereum’s network is growing tremendously thanks to the issuance of new tokens and the boom of DeFi.

It’s hard to not see Ethereum as a trillion-dollar market capitalization coin in the future, especially when we know Ethereum 2.0 is coming up making the platform more scalable and fast.

2. NEM (XEM) – $471 million mcap

Top 5 cryptocurrencies - NEM

NEM – Tradingview

NEM has always been one of the most popular altcoins, however, people seem to have forgotten about it in the past few years.  The coin was started in 2014 and it was coded from scratch, although it does use a modified NXT PoS mechanism called Proof of Importance.

NEM has recently started seeing a lot more activity as the team partnered with DAO Maker to create a community hub to enable holders to engage more with the project and even help with the development.

The price of XEM jumped by 40% in weeks shortly after the announcement and launch of the Hub.

3. Monero (XMR) – $1.49 billion mcap

Monero is obviously extremely popular but its market cap is still not that high compared to other coins like Bitcoin Cash or BSV. Monero is one of the few coins that has really fulfilled its use-case, privacy, and anonymity.

Many people think that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous or that they can’t be traced but this is far from the truth. In reality, only privacy-oriented coins can achieve that function and Monero has been the most popular one.

Monero transactions and active addresses have been increasing significantly over the past years and it’s clear Monero can climb the ladder a lot more.

4. Elrond (ERD) – $266 million mcap

Top 5 cryptocurrencies - Elrond

Elrond – Tradingview

If you haven’t heard about Elrond already, you are probably not very interested in cryptocurrencies. ERD has been basically the best performing coin in 2020 seeing a 5,100% price increase over 4 months.

While ERD is already ranked 43rd, the project just launched its mainnet and has more coming up. The idea behind ERD is that is massively scalable, fast, and secure.

ERD is already partnered with huge crypto platforms and listed on big exchanges like Binance. It’s only a matter of time for ERD to become a top 10 coin.

5. Swipe (SXP) – $119 million mcap

Swipe rounds up our top 5 cryptocurrencies list. It was recently acquired by Binance to enable cryptocurrencies to be spent as fiat currencies in real-time. That alone should can say a lot about the potential of SXP.

Swipe allows users to spend crypto through the Swipe Visa debit card which is supported at any place that supports Visa payments.

The project already raised around $12 million back in August 2019 and has seen a massive increase in mcap from $30 million to $134 million currently.

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