Safex Platinum to Offer Non-Ethereum Based Decentralized Finance

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VERNON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2020 / In recent times, the Ethereum network has encountered numerous flaws, with the future of ETH 2.0 hanging in the balance. As the markets mature and as crypto DeFi (Decentralized Finance) begins to take hold, we are now experiencing a surge of innovation and infrastructure that many cryptocurrency users will soon become reliant on.

As we witness a surge of new entrants into the cryptocurrency sphere and the DeFi craze, the Ethereum network is nearing capacity, and ‘gas’ fees are skyrocketing. As the majority of DeFi products are based on the Ethereum network, it begs the question, is this sustainable? If so, for how long? Furthermore, with the recent crash of Ethereum’s 2.0 ‘Medalla’ Testnet, followers of the blockchain space are starting to look for a potential hedge against Ethereum’s overloaded network to ensure the future of DeFi.

A recent native blockchain initiative launched has been capturing the attention of many prominent figures within the crypto sphere. Safex Platinum, a fork of the Monero blockchain, looks to revolutionize the way we earn, lend and spend. This innovative blockchain fintech seeks to offer instant, zero interest, pay-back-free private loans. The loans will be paid out in the form of their currency, Safeth Cash. Safeth Cash can either be instantly spent on their in-built marketplace or traded on their Decentralized Exchange.

Furthermore, the methodology behind this revolutionary tech follows a flow model whereby initial purchases of ‘Safex Platinum Token’ serve as loan collateral. Users ‘stake’ the token and it becomes ‘locked’ within the blockchain. Once this is complete, the locked tokens create ‘staking rewards’ in real-time, in the form of Safeth Cash. Once Safex Platinum Token have been ‘locked’ and earns the required capital to reimburse the loan, your ‘Safeth Platinum Tokens’ then become ‘unlocked’ and released back to the original loanee’s wallet. Thus, by purchasing and investing in the Safex Platinum Token, one is simply able to use their token as collateral to earn instant, private loans within their secured, private blockchain.

Additionally, as more projects are built on Ethereum every day, network congestion, synchronization of network nodes, and scalability issues are destined to plague the emerging DeFi industry. The advantage of Safex Platinum is that it has emerged during the start of the DeFi revolution and features its own unique blockchain separate from that of Ethereum, this means it will be able to address all of Ethereum’s downfalls upfront and not be subject to the vulnerability of current DeFi tokens being built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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