Grayscale: Opens Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Trusts

Grayscale Invest, one of the largest crypto investment companies and known for its constant collecting of Bitcoin, has launched its “trust” products for Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. After the company received the DTC compliance certificate on Monday, BCHG and LTCN can be traded in OTCs, also known as over-the-counter markets.

The two funds, product names BCHG and LTCN, will give institutional (and now retail) investors access to Bitcoin Cash ($ 5.8 billion market value) and Litecoin ($ 4.3 billion market value).

Thanks to its crypto trust products, Grayscale has become a company that opens the door to investors who do not have the knowledge of digital currencies or do not want to risk custody of their funds.

Grayscale also stated before the announcement that products are offered to investors who are members of the system with special offers. (6,028,000 BCHG shares and 2,500,800 LTCN shares)

These shares can be “traded” publicly after the 1-year holding period of institutional investors expires.

Grayscale manager Michael Sonnenshein said, “Our 10 shares with special offers are only open to institutional and member investors. “It is exciting to work with regulators and thus attract more institutional investors to our company.”