4 altcoins to watch this week: Chiliz, Waves, JUST, Aragon

While a relatively active week is behind for altcoins, there will be significant developments in 4 altcoins in the coming days.

Another week has passed, when the market share of bitcoin decreased and altcoins increased. Bitcoin dominance, which dropped to 58 percent in the past days, has risen to 59 percent again today.

Increases in altcoins such as OMG Network (OMG), yearn.finance (YFI) and Cosmos (ATOM) were noteworthy in the past week. These increased 107 percent, 60 percent and 35 percent, respectively. During the week, YFI’s price surpassed Bitcoin, surpassing $ 16,000, while OMG showed a sharp upward move with the contribution of USDT. The news that increased the price was that now OMG Network-based USDT will also be issued.

So what’s up this week? The altcoins that stand out with their important developments are as follows:

Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz and Socios.com continue to be discussed with their collaborations with world giant sports clubs. According to the announcement from Chiliz’s official Twitter account on August 12, 4 new Fan Token Offices (FTO) will be launched on August 25.

Waves (WAVES)

Waves, the rising star of the last weeks, may have active days this week. According to the statements made by Waves platform founder Sasha Ivanov yesterday, there will be many partnership announcements with ETH DeFi projects this week.


DeFi project JUST, founded by Justin Sun, has been on a serious upward trend since early August. Traded at $ 0.013 on August 1, JST climbed to $ 0.075 two weeks ago and is currently trading at $ 0.61. Income harvesting will be put into operation at USDJ & JST on August 31st, Justin Sun said last month.

Aragon (ANT)

The crypto money project Aragon (ANT), which has a significant investment from the famous billionaire Tim Draper and has recently shown a striking price performance, is launching its second liquidity reward program this week. According to the announcement made on August 21st, the program will be launched on August 25 at 18:00 and will be terminated on September 22 at the same time.