Altcoins Next Bullish Rally Is Going To Happen, Says Crypto Michaël

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Bitcoin continues its rally.

Trader and analyst Crypto Michaël recognised a new price range, which should be secured by Bitcoin. If this happens, we will not avoid the next growth of altcoins, the trader believes.

Image source: Twitter @CryptoMichNL

Today’s Bitcoin price rose to a height of $11,203.90 over six months or a profit of +12.73% over a day. This is another sign, following a year of regulatory uncertainty and falling valuation of big cryptocurrencies, that both consumer enthusiasm for the platform has revived and restored confidence in its long run.

Image source: Twitter @CryptoMichNL

Image source: Twitter @CryptoMichNL

Bitcoin price fell sharply in March as the coronavirus pandemic spread across the world and governments locked it up to protect global reserves and other resources.

The most daring analysts predict the growth of Bitcoin to $15,000. Moreover, these forecasts should come true in the next 2-3 months. Is Bitcoin ready for such a move? Share your thoughts in the comments below.