Uniswap v2 Deployed To The Ethereum Mainnet

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The Uniswap team announced the launch and deployment of Uniswap v2 on the Ethereum mainnet on May 18, with the release of audit and formal verification report. The team ran the bug bounty for over a month, before the launch of the upgrade to iron out issues and bugs. The team further made available the migration portal for transferring liquidity from Uniswap v1 to Uniswap v2, updated interface for swapping and liquidity provision on Uniswap v2 and an updated information analytics site.

We are thrilled to announce Uniswap V2 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainet!!!

Read the Uniswap V2 launch blogpost for more information on the launch.https://t.co/CLPQok6KO4

1/— Uniswap Protocol 🦄 (@UniswapProtocol) May 18, 2020

Whats Uniswap v2?

Announced in March 2020, the Uniswap v2 is the second iteration of the popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision. It introduces direct ERC20/ERC20 pairs (previously limited to ERC20/ETH pairs), hardened price oracles (resilient against manipulation), flash swaps / instant loans, new improved minimalist and modular smart contract, other technical improvements, inactivated provision for protocol charge mechanism and progress towards the later introduction of a decentralized governance process.

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