Ripple (XRP) Blockchain Powered Xendpay Facilitates Fee-Free Transfers for Key Workers

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For transfers between April 03, 2020, through June 03, 2020, Xendpay offered no transfer fees and no limits for transfers as a mark of support during the unprecedented time for all UK key workers.  Thus, the transfers were made fee-free.

The Xend website read thus:  “Ripple, in partnership with Xendpay, will waive transaction fees to help ease the impact of COVID-19 for Key Workers. Ripple provides the technology for secure, faster, and more affordable international payments.”

Ripple retweeted the Xendpay tweet, which read, “Xendpay and Ripple have partnered to waive transaction fees to help ease the impact of COVID-19 for UK KeyWorkers. Thank you for your hard work and support during this unprecedented time.”

Bhavin Vaghela, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, expressed that they were excited to partner with Ripple on the initiative.

Marcus Treacher, SVP of Customer Success Ripple, stated, “It’s important – now more than ever – the industry comes together to make remittances more affordable and reliable. Ripple is proud to partner with Xendpay to help ease the burden of those who are in most critical financial need.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “It is good to see Ripple XRP do their best in helping remittances for key workers more affordable than effort before.  It is indeed great respect to humanity and humanness.”

Ripple (XRP) Moral Responsibility to do Better

Recently, Kamila Chytil, COO MoneyGram, shared experiences about how their company ramped their digital transformation with Ripple.

In the recent BlockStars Podcast, Mark Binder, AIKON CEO and Co-Founder shared thoughts about sustainable blockchain technology and crypto adoption.

Mark Binder opined that all of us in this world have a moral responsibility to do better for the environment than we have done in the past.

Meanwhile, regarding the price trend, one of the commentators opined that XRP is in the longest constant downtrend in history.  He recollected on how it is one “bottom” after another at all “support levels,” which eventually turned into resistance.  Therefore, each bounce being less strong than the previous one. Further, it pointed to how the opening of the new account is at two years low.

Those who are keen about profits are complaining about the price every day though.  There are others who stay put and encouraged spreading positivity stating, Ripple will rise when it’s time to and shock the world further clarifying, the longer it stays low, the longer you have to invest under a dollar.