Randeep Hooda busts fake news on Uttarakhand Forest Fire, says false news have a ripple effect

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Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, a self-acclaimed nature lover, recently called out fake news coming out about the forest fires in Uttarakhand. Taking to his official Twitter account, Randeep mentioned that, 

“Forest fires are a natural phenomenon that rejuvenates the forest & they happen every year..as per my research, this year #forestfires have been relatively low in #Uttarakhand so far..pls don’t compare them to Australia & the Amazon & spread panic.”

Randeep was also quoted saying, “There are natural and man-made fires to rejuvenate grassland for herbivorous. With a lot of depressing news out there today- from COVID-19 to the situations of the migrants to the cyclone in India, we didn’t this false news to add to the chaos. Untrue things have a ripple effect. Yes, fires can get out of hand, but this year, it isn’t the case. I called up a few friends and found out the truth as it was worrisome. I felt strongly about so I spoke up. And people should be careful about what they hear or think is news. Verify first.”

Reports state that the Extraction actor is also raising funds through an organisation called Claw, via crowdfunding, for guides and drivers in the Tadoba Forest reserve, and now for Dudhwa National Park. 

He said, “We are working with a Facebook group called CLAW, it is not an NGO, to crowdfund money for guides and drivers as while the forest department is looking after their daily wagers and staff, they are unable to help guides and drivers as their livelihood is dependent on tourists in the area. We all have to do our bit. No one person or government can do everything.” 

He further added, “Which is why I try to conserve through photography. People who are not in touch with nature can feel for our surroundings and then want to protect it. Nature has certain protection shields in place but when we deforest, the deadly viruses reach us. VIruses reach humans due to the exploitation of nature. We have to come together and save our jungles and biodiversity.”