Litecoin (LTC) Up $0.73 On 4 Hour Chart, Moves Up For the 2nd Day In A Row; in a Downtrend Over Past 90 Days

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Litecoin 4 Hour Price Update

Updated April 30, 2020 05:35 AM GMT (01:35 AM EST)

Litecoin is up 1.49% ($0.73) since the last 4 hour candle, marking the 9th candle in a row it has gone up. Relative to other instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Litecoin ranked 3rd since the last 4 hour candle in terms of percentage price change.

Litecoin Daily Price Recap

Litecoin closed the previous day up 6.62% ($3.03); this denotes the 2nd day in a row an upward move has occurred. The price move occurred on stronger volume; specifically, yesterday’s volume was up 180.24% from the day prior, and up 290.08% from the same day the week before. Out of the 5 instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Litecoin ended up ranking 3rd for the day in terms of price change relative to the previous day. Let’s take a look at the daily price chart of Litecoin.

Litecoin Technical Analysis

Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 90 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving down. Interestingly, a trend in the other direction exists on the 14 and 30 day timeframes, where price is headed up. This may setup an interesting opportunity for traders looking to sell rallies in anticipation of the primary trend resuming. For additional context, note that price has gone up 17 out of the past 30 days.

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  • From BFirozbahary:

    My calls: congrats guys ! All my long term predictions either happened are happening . I told you my calls are long term and precise . These calls were made 30 days ago and almost hit exact target : btc, link, Xtz, oxt, dash, zecash, algo, KNc,litecoin, icx and more .


    If you believe bitcoin will survive then you known litecoin will as wellWhy? Well it’s simple after 8+ years litecoin has been consistently at bitcoins side, with 100% uptime, & has been bitcoins sidekick when the unconfirmed transactions grew…litecoin saved the day


    My wife said that my Litecoin Twitter echo chamber is like 20 people. Prove her wrong.