Xinfin (XDCE) holds the key to develop necessary infrastructures worldwide

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Crypto coins are not limited to mere trading tools today that only promise sky-high returns. In fact, some of them are backed by commendable missions that aim to benefit mankind and quality of life worldwide. It’s my honor to be a part of one such laudable crypto venture- XDCE. The token is the brainchild of a rising blockchain company, Xinfin, which aims to facilitate easy financing for seamless development of infrastructure projects globally. I am a senior advisor of the XinFin ICO team and I am really excited to be a part of the project.

Aims to facilitate seamless global infrastructure development

As per XinFin’s research, lack of government-sponsored financing limits possibility of several needed infrastructure projects worldwide. And this is where Xinfin’s utility token XDCE aims to come to the rescue.

XDCE is primarily focused to minimize deficits in global infrastructure by facilitating P2P financing in between corporations, governments, buyers and suppliers to ensure efficient usage of capital and its successful deployment in infrastructure projects.

Unique hybrid blockchain

What I really find special about XDCE is that the token is based on a  state-of-the-art enterprise-ready Hybrid blockchain-a combination of both public and private blockchain. The public aspect assures easy transparency and verifiability while the private factor ensures tight security of sensitive financial data.

Faster and more economical with DPOS algorithm

The XDCE blockchain is designed on cutting-edge Delegated Proof-Of-Stake protocol which assures more scalability compared to traditional Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake algorithms.  XDCE assures an incredible 2,000+ TPS while Bitcoin and Ethereum can only come 3+ TPS and 12+ TPS respectively. The transaction confirmation time for XDCE is just 2 seconds while it is 10-20 seconds for Ethereum and 10-60 minutes for Ethereum. In regards to fees, XDCE promises an extremely nominal $0.0001 while Bitcoin and Ethereum charges $0.20 and $0.13 respectively.

XDCE coin and its multiple use-cases

The XDCE serves as a settlement mechanism for DApps that are built on the blockchain. As a part of the XinFin team, what gives me immense pleasure is the possibility of multiple use-cases for the token. The XinFin solution can be deployed in different industry sectors to improve business efficiency. Here is a brief on the use cases built on XDCE token


It’s a P2P trade finance portal which creates trade instruments of value between buyers and sellers in Trade Finance scene. The platform enables buyers to secure capital at highly competitive rates globally and allows suppliers the needed access to global tenders and worldwide customer base. TradeFinex also assures financers real-time visibility on investments by digitizing their assets and IoT integration.



It is a digital asset creation & management dashboard for all sorts of assets. Users here can buy token creation and management package with XDCE tokens.



AlphaEx is a digital crypto asset exchange. XDCE is the only token traded here and it can be paired against all other major cryptocurrencies.



TurantPay is a payment service provider that assures standardized remittance with XDCE token, backed by the promise of instant payments, lower fees and counterparty risk mitigation.



Airnetz is medical ambulance service provider. The integration of XDCE token with Airnetz will allow instant payment for air ambulance services. This way, a patient never has to suffer from lack to access to treatment due to delayed payment- as is seen with traditional payment systems.

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