Credits CS Blockchain Platform Based on Proof of Agreement for all Sectors

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Credits CS Blockchain Platform is based on the Proof of Agreement consensus protocol.  The proof of Agreement is a BFT conception.  Credits CS is ideal for micro-transactions, mass financial payments, storing data on the blockchain, and token issuance.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Credits CS is an innovative lightning-fast blockchain for Dapps.  Name an industry and Credits CS has a platform facilitating a service related to the sector. Exhaustive services.”

Credits CS facilitates product customization, services development, launching of financial products, and consulting.

Credits CS Use Cases

The use cases for Credits CS are immense ranging from the banking industry, gambling, logistics, loyalty and bonus programs, consumer and industrial goods, and a range of solutions using innovative blockchain products, which are them implemented in business.

The supply chain platform facilitates automation and full control of the supply chain of goods and services.  The Bonoox loyalty platform facilitates launching a mono-brand loyalty program.  The goods of origin platform facilitates tracking information on the Credits blockchain.  The credits monitoring and control platform facilitates monitoring and controlling processes and further saving the details on the blockchain. 

The Credits tokenization platform facilitates the tokenization of assets like shares, bonds, contracts, and more on the credits blockchain.  The telecom and IoT platform facilitates software for process automation in the telecommunication industry.  The inter-banking messaging platform facilitates software package for interbank.   Credits also facilitate software and framework meant for building government registries by making use of blockchain technology. And newer products are added to the list as they are discovered.

Credits CS Have It All

Credits CS have it all possibly needed in a typical blockchain industry.  The public decentralized blockchain system meant for launch, data storage, and integration of financial products makes use of CS the native cryptocurrency of Credits.

Credits facilitates the private decentralized blockchain system for creating distributed systems meant for data storage with restricted access meant only for network participants.

The subchain facilitates a subsidiary blockchain.  These are stored on the private blockchain and are used for validation with the decentralized public blockchain. This is a combination of public and private blockchain.

The blockchain DataBase (DBMS) has block architecture storage.  The speed is very high, and it is reliable for storage and data management based on NoSQL + Blocks consisting of unassisted data format configuration. It is thus facilitating the automatic operation of stored triggers and procedures.