XMR Price Exhibits Uptrend Movement in the Last 24 Hours

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Monero coin has reflected a positive impact since the opening of the year. The price on January 01, 2020, was $44. Till January 17, 2020, the price counter jumped to $71.93. The speculations ripened that the coin might escalate 2x the opening price, but the selling pressure shut the rumors.

However, today, the XMR coin is reflecting an amazing recovery spree. The current price is around $63 and looks like it might close around $65. The anticipations are still tight that the currency might close the month at an astounding high.

XMR/USD Price Chart:

Yesterday, Monero started dealing at $60.78, and in the next 8 hours, the price jumped to $62.87 by 3.44%. The XMR price dropped to $62.27 in the next few hours and then, it reflected a slight hike. This time, the price touched $63.28 by 1.60%. After this hike, the coin registers a slight fall and then it surged to $64.38 by 2.81%. The closing hours experienced pullback pressure due to which Monero touched $63.02 but the final hour took the price counter to $63.89. The intraday movement in the XMR coin reflected a 5.12% progression.

Today, the XMR currency started the day with a slight uptrend touching $64.31. The coin slipped in the later hour to $63.37. The bullish trend took the price to $64.62, but it looks like the pullback pressure brought the Monero price to $63.32. As per the MACD chart, the MACD line has just crossed the signal line and it is overlapping it as of now and hence, a slight fall may face by the coin soon. The current price seems tilted towards the immediate support level at $61.74.

R1: $65.21, R2: $66.56 and R3: $68.68

S1: $61.74, S2: $59.62 and S3: $58.27