Late Kobe Bryant’s wallpaper infected with crypto-mining malware, warns Microsoft

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According to a recent warning Microsoft has shared on its Twitter account, there is a crypto-mining malware that is hiding in a wallpaper of late basketball star, Kobe Bryant.

The company’s security intelligence noted
posted a few hours ago that hackers are taking advantage of the basketball
legend’s death in order to infect unsuspecting users’ computers and steal their
computing power and other resources in order to make money.

The tweet mentioned a coin-mining script, which mentions CoinHive — a Monero (XMR) miner that is used within browsers. CoinHive is also known for being rather popular amongst hackers. However, as far as it is known, CoinHive also shut down operation nearly a year ago, in March 2019.

Microsoft Security Intelligence also added
that Microsoft Defender SmartScreen can block the sites hosting the coin miner.
Microsoft Defender ATP can detect malicious HTML files, and help users avoid

A trend of infecting users
through celebrities’ photos persists

As many likely know, this is far from being the
first time that hackers are using photos of celebrities to hide malicious
software and infect others. This method has proven to be rather effective,
judging by the number of different cases that were reported recently,

One example of this was noted only a month ago when security researchers reported that the image of Taylor Swift infected with malware is circling the web. In another report, researchers warned that actress Scarlett Johansson’s photo is also used for distributing crypto-mining malware.

Monero itself, the cryptocurrency that hackers
tend to mine through infected users, is a privacy coin whose transactions are
difficult to track by the authorities. This makes Monero rather popular with
hackers, and it is the coin that is targeted more than any other.