Ripple teams up with Crypto wallet BRD to expand XRP’s adoption

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Cryptocurrency wallet provider BRD received $750,000 from Ripple’s Xpring to boost the adoption of XRP. The investment would allow BRD to build on the XRP Ledger and integrate XRP into its wallet apps. The crypto wallet has over 2.5 million users in 170 countries. BRD CEO and co-founder Adam Traidman said that they are excited to join forces with Ripple to bring XRP to their user base.

He further added that Ripple understands the need for a reliable wallet partner as they push into key markets like cross-border banking and remittance. BRB currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and several other ERC-20 tokens. Traidman said that they aim to make their wallet cheapest and easiest place to buy XRP moving forward.

Ethan Beard, senior vice president of Ripple’s Xpring, said that BRD has helped users convert $6 billion worth of fiat currencies into different cryptocurrencies, which makes it an ideal partner to expand the XRP’s adoption.

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