Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex Delists 6 Altcoins

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Today it became known that the number of cryptocurrencies on the Poloniex exchange will decrease, six cryptocurrencies will undergo delisting at once: Clams (CLAM), Pascal (PASC), Steem (STEEM), Navcoin (NAV), GameCredits (GAME) and LBRY Credits (LBC).

Delisting is coming

Information about the delisting of altcoins from the Poloniex list was sent directly by the exchange to users of these cryptocurrencies, according to a Reddit message published in the CLAMClient subreddit.

image by coinstats

From October 15, the ability to trade the mentioned altcoins will be disabled, and from October 28, the withdrawal of one of them — LBC will be disabled. The withdrawal of the remaining coins (PASC, STEEM, NAV, GAME and CLAM) will be disabled on November 15.

The actual words

Poloniex calls on altcoin owners to take appropriate measures:

“Please be sure to withdraw your assets before the withdrawal deadlines shown above. To withdraw your assets, visit the Balances page of your account and provide a withdrawal address for the currency you wish to withdraw. In order to withdraw your funds, you must have a balance that is greater than the minimum network fee of that asset. We will send another email reminder in the coming weeks. For more information about our delisting policy, please visit our help center article. We greatly appreciate your support.”

The past month also became generous with delistings, so Binance reduced the list of cryptocurrencies by 30 trading pairs, and Upbit removed all anonymous tokens.