William Shatner Tries to Rob a Bank in Ad for Blockchain.com

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William Shatner is not a face you would likely miss in a crowd. And you’d probably recognize him wearing a bandanna covering half his face if he was robbing a bank. There is your premise in a recent campaign for Blockchain.com, where we see the Star Trek legend is seen humorously promoting a new cryptocurrency exchange, called The Pit.

The ad for The Pit pitches the claim that it is the fastest exchange of its kind the world.

In the one-minute spot, Shatner and his accomplice would-be robber stage a bank heist to get cash, while the teller informs that a better alternative would be trading currency in The Pit.

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“After years of turbulence and hype, euphoria, and disillusionment, we’re at a stage where real-world applications of cryptocurrencies are having tangible impacts around the world,” said Haider Rafique, head of growth at Blockchain.

“Campaigns that drive education, awareness, and that first purchase of crypto are vital to keeping this momentum moving forward and growing the community of crypto users.”