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Fibo Quantum

Ensuring equity, interoperability, transparency and trust in the governance of distributed ledger technology – and accelerating the necessary changes for this technology to reach its full potential.

Blockchain, an early-stage technology enabling the decentralized and secure storage and transfer of information, could become a powerful tool for tracking and transactions that can minimize friction, reduce corruption, increase trust and empower users. While still nascent, cryptocurrencies built on distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have emerged as potential gateways to new wealth creation and disrupters across financial markets. Other revolutionary use cases are being explored in almost every sector, ranging from energy and shipping to media. DLT has the potential to transform entire systems, but it also faces challenges, including lack of interoperability, security threats, centralization of power and unwillingness to experiment due to recent overhype.

A systemic and inclusive approach to this technology can help ensure that everyone – from the most marginalized members of society to the most powerful – benefits from its transformative potential.

Our Platform works with Partners and Members to advance a systemic and inclusive approach to governing DLT, to ensure that everyone can benefit from this powerful technology.