SBI Implements Ripple (XRP) as an Interim Shareholder Benefits Tool

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Earlier today, colossal Ripple partner from Japan, SBI Holdings announced its decision to implement Ripple’s default cryptocurrency, XRP, as an interim shareholder particular offer coin.

In the press release on their website dated 28th August 2019, SBI Holdings announced its decision to present XRP as the interim shareholder benefits currency that will serve eligible shareholders.

Who is Eligible for the Shareholder Benefits Program?

Shareholders who hold one unit or 100 shares or more with SBI Holdings, and are in the ‘shareholder register’ as of 30th September will be liable to receive 30 XRP virtual tokens.

What is the Purpose of the Shareholder Benefit Program?

For the 10th consecutive interval, SBI Holdings aims to continue increasing dividends as a way of sharing profits with its shareholders through the shareholder benefits scheme.

In addition to the shareholders’ benefits program, SBI Holdings is presenting free stock coupons for My Investment Trust Application, a paid serve portion, and Stock News Web application. Alaplus products are also currently enjoying free exchange application tickets in the ongoing charm offense by the Japanese company.

As previously announced by the company, the financial services group, SBI Holdings, has applied for market reforms to the Tokyo Stock Exchange for further profit returns to shareholders. SBI Holding announced through their website,

“As SBI Holdings, we have determined to grow the interim dividend to reward our shareholders as we have resolved to use the virtual token XRP as the default currency in the go-between shareholder benefit program.”

As we all know by now, virtual assets are already being utilized globally in several areas such as payments, remittance, and operations. As one of the top virtual currencies and blockchain technologies, Ripple (XRP) is well-renowned for its dynamic global remittance capabilities that are poised to grow in the future. As a result, SBI Holdings has faith in the virtual token as they believe it will become one of the most significant asset classes in financial management.

According to its primary management philosophy, SBI Holdings is focused on providing accurate asset formation for each of its investors, and it has already availed a wealth of investment information to them with no biases.

In regards to virtual assets, SBI Holding has been consistently providing digital asset price news and other related information through their My Virtual Currency application that the company operates. SBI disclosed through a press statement that,

“We intend to deliver to our shareholders’ opportunities to utilize Ripple’s default virtual currency, XRP, in their operations in addition to the news they receive through the My Virtual Currency application.”

Ripple’s XRP Brief Overview

Since you’re here, you might know that Ripple’s XRP is the third most significant virtual currency in the crypto market. XRP is tailor-made to offer on-liquidity as a bridge currency between traditional currencies for transferring money throughout banks and financial institutions.

At present, Ripple technology is known to be running one of the most resourceful cross-border money transfer solutions in the market, spreading its influence rapidly at the global level.

In Japan, for instance, SBI Holdings, a giant Japanese company, and Ripple of the US, have established a joint venture that seeks to offer a money transfer application, Money Tap. The name of the joint venture between the two companies is SBI Ripple Asia, and it is charged with the duty of offering money transfer solutions in the Asia region.

The partnership between the two companies is so robust that the CEO of SBI Holding is a board member of Ripple.

SBI Holdings Boosting Ripple Adoption

Ever since the partnership between the two companies, Ripple has been in the news almost every single week as the FinTech company and blockchain platform continues to boost its adoption across the world. Ripple seems to be on a roll as it continues to amaze different banks and financial institutions with its undoubtedly superior system that is sure to change the business world.

It is safe to say that even though the world has already seen a lot from Ripple, there is much more in store for the future, thanks to their existing technology.

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