Ripple Focuses on Sponsorships Amidst XRP’s Sluggish Trends

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It has been one of the slowest months for most of the cryptos, and same goes for XRP coin also which has recorded its 90-days low by trading at $0.24 very recently. But the coin may gain some momentum as the firm focuses on sponsoring global events like Women Leaders 2019. The traders can expect XRP to cross $0.30 by next month as also indicated in the current progressive performance of the coin.

XRP Price Analysis and Forecast

In the last five days, Ripple has recorded a downtrend of over 7% slumping from $0.27030 to $0.25716 as of August 31, 2019 at 04:20:49 UTC. XRP coin was trading fine till August 28 noon, post which it had a sudden fall from $0.26441 to $0.24799. It recovered slightly to climb up to $0.26108 again on August 29 but has come down once again since then.

Ripple seems to have come on a standstill since yesterday. XRP coin’s lowest and highest recorded values were almost the same around $0.25, and so are its open and close values of the day. It can be expected to cross $0.26 by tomorrow end of day.

XRP coin started the year trading at $0.35, and currently it is sailing at a value far lower than this. But this can be regarded as a momentary slow trend for Ripple may gain some momentum in the coming month to cross its month’s highest $33 again and at least reach closer to it.

Ripple is here to stay, and hence investing in bulk now is the best decision for the coin may go profitable very soon.