Pantera Capital CEO draws attention to 4 popular altcoins

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Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, draws investors’ attention to the popular 4 altcoins.

Pantera CEO: “We have supported them since the early stages of development.”
Developers continue to focus on key aspects of the Blockchain infrastructure to address congestion for mass acceptance, volume processing, and ease of use. Leveraging decentralization to challenge old systems prone to manipulation, these new Blockchain-based platforms are designed to increase efficiency and drive industries from e-commerce to sharing economy, data storage, financing, finance, trade and promises to make it resistant to trade agreements. In the bulletin of Pantera, today’s leading Blockchain investment company, CEO Dan Morehead has launched four new Blockchain projects designed to tack scalability and interoperability and drive the decentralized market sector. draws attention to:

We have supported them since the early stages of development and are excited to see their working products on board. This will not only bring more liquidity to our ICO funds but also bring more stability to the Blockchain infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency projects noted by Pantera CEO
The cryptocurrency projects that the Pantera CEO stands out for are: Polkadot, BloXroute, Origin, and Filecoin.

This technology aims to overcome separate Blockchains through relay chains and parachutes system… Since the market refers to a multi-blockchain, it is important that communication network protocols bind them together.

Pantera CEO’s views on BloXroute:

The project is defined as a “level 0” solution because it focuses on the core network layer, the largest blockage in the scaling field. For context, when you send a transaction through Ethereum or Bitcoin, you must transfer it to a computer group; this process is then transferred to another group of computers. This is similar to a phone game, but it takes a lot of time because each person should call ten more friends after him. After ten seconds, it takes a long time to suddenly complete a phone call. The idea about BloXroute is why not make just one direct call, instead of having to call ten people to route your phone?

Stunning remarks from Pantera CEO about Origin and Filecoin
Pantera CEO’s views on Origin:

It’s a protocol for creating decentralized markets in Ethereum. The aim is to connect buyers and sellers directly, effectively eliminating leased organizations that charge 20-30% for each transaction on their platform. The total market within the sharing economy model is huge and the fees issued by controlled agents are the same: in theory, extracting these assets from the equation is important for both the buying and selling parties. will allow cost reductions.

Pantera CEO’s views on Filecoin:

A decentralized market for file storage. All over the world, the amount of idle storage capacity is used very little. With Filecoin, individuals can make money by joining the network as a Filecoin miner and fulfilling storage requests by customers. Morehead said it expects the long-awaited projects to begin later this year or later, but developers have been building a solid infrastructure and patiently mobilising investors. These applications and technologies did not develop overnight.

Months of development and beta testing are being carried out for the implementation of the projects. An unfortunate byproduct of raising capital through an ICO or public offering is a quick expectation of when final products will be shipped. The truth is that investing in these projects is similar to an early venture, but it has to feed in real-time. It will take some time to install these technologies and will be repeated many times before starting work. That’s why we encourage investors to keep this in mind as the foundations of the future crypto-landscape are being built today.