Litecoin Price Changed by 1.35 percent

Fibo Quantum

As at 2019-08-23 average Litecoin price is 75.08170335 USD, 0.00724218 BTC, 0.38840984 ETH.

Litecoin LTC/CNYT on BitAsset exchange is 74.82. The trading volume on BitAsset is 50503114.00.

At the same time Litecoin LTC/BTC on Birake exchange is 74.72. The trading volume on Birake is 7273.78.

Litecoin LTC/BTC on Whitebit exchange is 74.82. The trading volume on Whitebit is 486164.00.

Litecoin LTC/USDT on Piexgo exchange is 74.78. The trading volume on Piexgo is 21835.00.

Litecoin LTC/USD on Exrates exchange is 74.92. The trading volume on Exrates is 10973823.00.

Litecoin average change within 24 hour is 1.35 against USD, -0.1 against BTC, 1.63 against ETH. Weekly report: -0.51 against USD, 0.12 against BTC, -4.41 against ETH. Monthly report: -19.29 against USD, -25.05 against BTC, -11.04 against ETH.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Litecoin.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 1613136417.02360000 USD or 155598.81802601 BTC. At the same time Litecoin market capitalization is 4737463947 USD or $456963 BTC.