Forbush volleyball sweeps Starmount, 3-0

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Parkley Hennings goes up for a back row kill for the Falcons. – Kristian Russell | Tribune and Ripple

Starmount’s Maddie Norman (11) goes up for a hit while Forbush’s Emily Webb (8) and Addison Harrell (10) try to get the block. – Kristian Russell | Tribune and Ripple

Chloe Shore passes the ball for the Lady Rams. – Kristian Russell | Tribune and Ripple

EAST BEND — The Forbush Falcons hosted the Starmount Rams volleyball team last week in East Bend. Since 2007, Starmount has had the upper hand on the Lady Falcons with a record of 11-4. From 2001 till 2013, the Falcons were unable to come up with a win against their cross county rivals. Things started to turn in 2015, and out of the last five meetings, the Falcons have won four of them. On Tuesday night, the Falcons added another win to their column as they swept the Lady Rams 3-0.

“Overall we are a young team and but we had some good rallies,” said Starmount coach Haley Hartman. “We need to improve on our serve receive and seeing across the net to read the plays.”

The first set started off in favor of them Rams as the falcons were called for a net violation. On the next play, Forbush was able to tie the game 1-1, as Parkley Hennings went up for a back row kill. From there, both teams started to put forth top effort.

Over the next two plays, Hennings put down two tips to give Forbush a 3-2 lead. Starmount tied the set 3-3, then the Falcons were able to take the lead back with a tip by Laiken Baity. With the score 4-3, Hennings gave the Falcons their biggest lead of the night with a left side kill down the line. The lead did not last long for the home team, as Starmount once again made their way back and tied the game, 5-5.

For the next eight plays, the Rams and Falcons kept things going back and forth on the scoreboard. Blythe Freeman tipped the ball into open space to tie the set 6-6, then the Rams took a 7-6 lead when Jadyn Haynes put down line kill from the left side.

The Falcons did not like the feel of being down on their home court, so they started to pick up their pace and take control of the set. Forbush put together a successful rally which resulted in the home team taking a six point lead over Starmount. The rally included an ace by Addison Harrell and an ace by Baity. Along with the two aces, Salem Finney added two kills to Forbush’s side of the board. This season, Finney is an outside hitter for the Falcons and has improved her all-around game. After the rally, Forbush leapt ahead of the Lady Rams 14-8.

“Salem is a big bomber for us and she was hitting the ball as hard as anyone,” said Hamric. “She wanted to be in that position and I wanted her there as well. She is as good as anyone and she is a lot better passer too.”

Starmount put an end to Forbush’s rally after the Falcons made a serving mistake. The mistake didn’t deter the Falcons, as they once again were able to go on a rally after the missed serve. Korbyn Brown put down a massive kill from the middle hitter’s position to give the Falcons a 16-10 lead. From there, Forbush put down kill after kill. Hennings knocked down three kills, while Maggie Moncus had an ace and Emily Webb put down a front row kill as a setter. The Falcons came away with a 25-13 win in the first set to take a 1-0 match lead.

“I think inexperience is a big things for us,” said Starmount coach Ashton Gregory. “Some of our players have come straight from middle school and only did JV for a year. More than anything we had a defensive breakdown. Parkley and Salem hit a lot of good shots deep and we could not get there on defense. Our block was small and we need to improve on that as well.”

The second set seemed to start out the same way the first set did, with the visiting team taking the lead. Forbush put down a hit that was out of bounds, which gave the Lady Rams a 1-0 lead. On the next play, Forbush was able to tie the game as Hennings once again put down a back row kill.

The kill tied the game 1-1, and the Falcons served the ball on the next play. The serve went over the net and was returned by Starmount. Forbush received the free ball and Sommer Gray made a perfect pass to the hands of Emily Webb. Webb set the ball to the strong side which is where Hennings was waiting for the ball. Hennings went up for the hit and slammed the ball down on Starmount’s side of the court. The Rams were unable to receive the ball and Hennings’ kill gave Forbush a 2-1 lead.

The lead only last one play, as the Lady Rams were able to tie the game on the next rally. Chloe Shore set the ball to Ashleigh Clifton who found found a hole in Forbush’s defense. Clifton rolled the ball into the open space to tie the second set, 2-2.

That would be the closest the Lady Rams would be to taking the lead away from Forbush in the set. The Falcons started to get their head in the game as they came away with point after point to take a commanding 20-8 lead. Hennings and Finney were the two main hitters for the Falcons. Finney had one kill and Hennings had three in the final nine plays of the set.

As the Falcons were holding on to a 19-8 lead, senior Ansley Reid put her name on the kill sheet. Reid set up for the middle kill and was able to get her hit past the outstretched arms of the Starmount blockers. The ball landed in an open area which earned Reid a kill and gave the Falcons a 20-8 lead. The second set ended 25-14 in favor of the Falcons, which gave the home team a 2-0 lead heading into the third set.

The third and final set once again belonged to the red, white and blue as they dominated all areas of the court. Forbush put down nine hits, three blocks and four aces in the third set. The Rams put down three kills, one block and one ace. When the third set came to a close, Forbush took a 25-11 win and swept the Lady Rams 3-0.

“I thought we served well, we missed a few too many but they are target serving really well. They are not afraid to try things,” said Forbush head coach Ginger Hamric. “I thought our passing broke down a few times. Other than that, we did well.”

Forbush Stats;

P. Hennings – 19 kills and four aces

S. Finney – five kills, one block and one ace

L. Baity – two kills and one ace

K. Brown – one kill

E. Webb – one kill

A. Reid – one kill

A. Harrell – one kill, one block and one ace

M. Moncus – two aces

S. Gray – three aces

Starmount Stats;

B. Freeman – two kills

M. Norman – two kills and one block

J. Haynes – two kills

E. Freed – two kills

A. Clifton – one kill and one ace

Parkley Hennings goes up for a back row kill for the Falcons.

Starmount’s Maddie Norman (11) goes up for a hit while Forbush’s Emily Webb (8) and Addison Harrell (10) try to get the block.

Chloe Shore passes the ball for the Lady Rams.

Veteran players make difference for Falcons