FAA’s decision to ground Boeing 737 Max airliners causes ripple

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The FAA’s decision to, months ago, ground an entire fleet of Boeing 737 Max airliners is causing a ripple effect through the Hudson Valley.

Norwegian Air has announced it will discontinue six routes from Ireland to the United States and Canada, and completely shut down its service at Stewart International Airport.

John O’Connell is one of the New Windsor airport’s frequent flyers who will be affected by the shutdown. And O’Connell says this is not the first time he has seen major changes at the small airport.

Residents say that having fewer flights coming in and out of Stewart is not a good thing. An airport close to home is convenient, they say, and fewer flights is not.

The Port Authority, which is responsible for the airport, says it is in talks with nearly a dozen airlines in the hopes of filling the gap that Norwegian will leave in the Hudson Valley. There is no word yet on who or when that might be.