Ethereum is Going To Be a Surprising Coin in the Coming Few Days

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ETH short name auction for all 3-6 characters is going live on 1st September. This will acquire some attention from the users soon. Let’s hope that it helps in improving the capitalization too!

Ethereum to USD Price Analysis:

Seeing the trades of yesterday, ETH has surely improved in a good direction. The value was initially seen trading at $165.56 at 01:15 UTC on 30th August 2019. The value saw an incredible surge of 2.88% at 10:09 UTC when the trade changed to $170.34.

The value then dropped by 2.53% at 19:02 UTC when the value was seen trading at $166.06.  In just next one hour, the value increased by 2.29% at 20:05 UCT time with the trading value of $169.86 which is dropped by 1.17% as of now.

This moment might be a little confusing for the ETH traders. The trade is fluctuating in the bearish zone; however, the fluctuations are quite volatile even below the baseline. This trade condition might be a concern for traders as to when to buy the ETH currency. Well, in such cases, traders might want to focus on capping their trade decisions.

ETH/USD Chart by TradingView:

Ethereum Price

In order to cap their trades, the resistance and support level might help them:

R1: 170.71, R2: 172.59, R3: 174.41

S1: 167.01, S2: 165.19, S3: 163.31