Ethereum Community Subreddit in Chaos

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Popular community-run Ethereum subreddit r/ethtrader is experiencing serious internal conflict and has seen 6 out of the 10 moderators step down. These moderators have announced their resignation and the launch of a new subreddit. It is called r/ethfinance and is an alternate subreddit which will be a “high quality forum for all Ethereum-related discussions”.

The conflict among moderators has been an ongoing issue, with one particular moderator, Carl Lawson, being the bone of contention. According to the Reddit post with the announcement, the resignations were triggered by Carl’s “shocking and unilateral” decision to forcibly remove two long-term moderators. His actions were due to an unresolved disagreement on an administrative issue which “was still under open discussion”.

Some members of the community have accused Lawson of monetising r/ethtrader’s content for personal financial gain. Moreover, the moderators who resigned believe that Lawson has been acting as a ‘lead’ moderator and taking “consistently unilateral, and ostensibly self-serving decisions” which “degrade the quality of the sub.”

However, on the main Ethereum subreddit which is moderated by members of the Ethereum Foundation, users are disagreeing on what stance r/ethereum should take on the divide. Some argue that r/ethereum should no longer list r/ethtrader as a sister subreddit, and should replace it with r/ethfinance. On the other hand, some users, including Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson, believe that r/etheruem should remain neutral and should just list both the alternate subreddits.

This is especially true considering that Jameson reports that he has heard of conflicting accounts of the issues in r/ethtrader. He has asked the abdicating moderators to provide some evidence that Lawson has indeed been monetising his subreddit’s network effects. One of the abdicating moderators, u/AdamSC1 did in fact, reply to Jameson’s request. He informed Hudson that he is happy to discuss whatever “conflicting evidence” Hudson heard privately on Discord or Telegram. Another user argued that it would be pertinent for r/etheruem to not include either subreddits. This user believed that r/ethereum should divorce itself from subreddits it has no influence over.

Only time will tell how this internal conflict within the Ethereum community is resolved.