Ethereum Classic Labs introduces EVM-LLVM to its ecosystem

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Ethereum’s performance in the DApp space has dropped over time, despite the fact that users were bound to rely on Ethereum’s Solidity to build DApps. In spite of it being a prominent smart contract programming language, users have often had issues with the platform.

In order to up its DApp game, Ethereum Classic Labs, the core development and accelerator team of Ethereum Classic, is all set to introduce LLVM into the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. Ethereum Classic shared the update with the community via a Twitter post. The tweet read,

The update was also confirmed by a blog post. This project will be called EVM-LLVM and will offer users more programming languages, much mature toolchain support along with future-proof and long-term support. Further, the blog post suggested that developers can use a wide range of programming languages to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM].

LLVM is a library that would enable users to construct, optimize and produce intermediate or binary machine code. This would further allow developers to benefit immediately from the tools that LLVM offers. The blog post further read,

“With an EVM backend target for LLVM, it lets EVM leverage the benefits of the LLVM ecosystem and exposes EVM interest to the LLVM community.”

Additionally, the blog post did not reveal the exact date of the launch, but it suggested that the EVM-LLVM will soon be ready for alpha tests.