Ethereum Classic {ETC} stays ahead of Chainlink {LINK} in spite of bearish influence being felt in the market

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Ethereum Classic is ranked at #16, beneath DASH on coinmarketcap. The price declined at a rate of 3.26% in the course of the past 24-hours. ETC was one of the top gainers of yesterday and had overcome Dash for a short while. The trading volume recorded is $967.296 million, whereas the supply has 112,935,356 ETC coins in play. At present, the total market cap of Ethereum Classic is $798.773 million. As of this moment, ETC is priced at $7.07.

Chainlink is placed right after Ethereum Classic in the market. The price climbed at a rate of 0.66% which brought it up to $2.23. The trading volume recorded is $72.930 million, while the supply rests with 350,000,000 LINK tokens in circulation. The total market cap of Chainlink is $780.555 million.

Even though Chainlink has been bullish for the better part of this week, Ethereum Classic was able to break through numerous barriers and land amongst the top 20 coins.

The fork is scheduled to be carried out during the following month. The previous day’s unprecedented rise had lead to many analysts proclaiming that the season for altcoins has arrived. However, both Beam and Ethereum Classic have been two of the biggest losers of today.

For the ETC/USD candlestick chart on tradingview, the MACD line has been rising steadily over the signal line. The histogram has been green since the end of July. ETC is currently in oversold territory, as the daily RSI is at 71 for now [the value has been above 70 for both 22nd and 23rd this month]. Resistance will be felt near the $7.646 mark, whereas support exists close to the $5.39 level.