Bitcoin {BTC} , EOS and Monero {XMR} bullish as market begins to get back on track

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The market is once again showing signs of fresh buyers, as Bitcoin, EOS and Monero have entered the green zone within the last hour. The jump rate for BTC stands at 0.39%, in case of EOS it is at 0.45%, and for XMR a 1.92% boost rate was observed. Many HODLers and investors in the ecosystem are henceforth relieved.

If a proper climb is initiated by BTC, altcoins will follow suit. As pace gets better with time, BTC will have a better possibility of scratching the mark at $15,000. The daily RSI is presently at 67.02, if it breaks the level at 70, Bitcoin will be in overbought territory. This may trigger a price surge.

The Awesome Oscillator peaks for Bitcoin look green and have been above the zero line since 5th August.

This is a pretty interesting move, as both Monero and ZCash are privacy-centric coins [XMR uses ring signatures; while ZEC employs zk-SNARKs]. Let’s us wait and see how these two teams get along with each other. Allan Stevo, Chief of Staff at Kraken was also invited for Defcon 27; Kraken is one of the top 50 exchanges.

Bitcoin will probably crack the $12,000 mark in a few hours if the growth is steady. Although XRP has been fluctuating near the $0.30 mark for the last 14 months.

Brendan Blummer who heads the Voice initiative had also resurfaced on Twitter following a short span of absence.