As the Atlantis Hardfork draws close, Ethereum Classic {ETC} soars past NEO and IOTA

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Ethereum Classic is now ranked at #18 on coinmarketcap. After remaining below Cosmos for days, ETC is back amongst the top 20 coins in the market. The price grew at a rate of 0.63% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $756.912 million, while the supply has 112,885,837 ETC coins in play. The total market cap of Ethereum Classic is $698.133 million. As of this moment, ETC is priced at $6.18.

The Atlantis Hardfork is scheduled to occur next month.

The Director of Developer Relations Yaz Khoury was present along with other members of ETC-Cooperative at ETHBerlin. The Ethereum Chain is soon to incorporate the PoS algorithm [by the next year], which may lead to the developers of the ETC chain implement the Keccak256 [SHA3] as its PoW mining algorithm. This may lead to many miners migrating to the ETC network, thus aiding the coin in heading up the ladder.

NEO is henceforth at #19, while IOTA is at #20 on coinmarketcap. The value (aka market cap) of NEO is $666.5 million, and the market cap of Tezos [which is above Ethereum Classic in the market] is at $732.540 million. The market is still struggling due to the presence of bearish pressure. The king coin has been steadily declining since yesterday. After the hardfork in September, Ethereum Classic may be adversely affected [remember the YCash fork for the ZEC chain].