Altcoins Will Eventually Lose Liquidity and Disappear: Crypto Expert Anthony Pompliano

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The co-founder and a partner at the Morgan Creek Digital VC fund, expert at cryptocurrency investments, Anthony Pompliano, often referred to as ‘Pomp’, keeps giving the crypto community something to think about regarding crypto and its relations with the current financial system.

This time, he stated that it took just ten years for banks to admit that Bitcoin could potentially become a reserve currency, though not all central banks have taken up that attitude yet.

Goldman Sachs is working with cryptocurrency trading, JP Morgan has launched its own crypto – JPM Coin.

Altcoins will disappear, says Pomp

Discussing XRP and other altcoins

In the comment thread, users start asking Pompliano whether his forecast touches the second and the third biggest coins – ETH and XRP too.

XRP haters immediately rose their heads to say that XRP will certainly disappear, since it is centralized and is often manipulated by the Ripple team.

‘XRP is for banks and I don’t trust banks’ says the user.

One Twitter user even addressed the question about altcoins disappearing in the future to John McAfee by tagging him in the discussion. The ‘crypto baron’ often posts his opinions and forecasts regarding certain altcoins on his Twitter page.

Some made an assumption that apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and the privacy-oriented Monero will survive.

John McAfee never responded to the invitation to join in on the talk.