Altcoins Undervalued – Tokens Consolidating Near Critical Technical Level

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Several Altcoins are extremely undervalued right now.  However, they continue to be inflation-proof and are expected to move higher during the Bitcoin bull market wave.  This applies to TCAT tokens, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens alike.

Bitcoin is consolidating near the
critical technical level after a healthy correction of nearly 30%.  The uptrends are tactful, and there is an
implication for higher Bitcoin prices. This is also with the case with some of
the systemically essential Altcoins. 
These Altcoins will perform well in the forthcoming cryptocurrency
climate change.

High levels of inflation are
likely in the fiat-based monetary system in the uncharted territory, which in
turn can lead to increased inflation levels leading to loss of confidence level
in the traditional fiat system.

The moment of truth for Bitcoin
has come, and it has been trading in a narrowing channel for nearly a month
now. It is expected that the token will either touch upon new highs or touch
new lows. However, the BTC’s uptrend is intact, and favorable price action is

However, Bitcoin cannot fly
continuously towards the high.  The new
floor for Bitcoin is at $10,000. Before the beginning of an upside correction,
the Bitcoin might drop significantly.

It is worth paying attention to
the current market sentiments, because those who are saying that BTC is dead,
the rally might be near the corner.

Murad Mahmudov, the angel
investor, stated, “~10K is the new ~6K”, but instead of breaking down it
will hold and start grinding UP.”

Ethereum is struggling to gather
momentum above the $195 resistance level. 
A fresh bearish wave is trending below the $192 and $190 support level.

A short-term breakout pattern is
seen near $186 on the trend chart.  While
the critical support is at $182 level, then the price will likely visit the
$180 support area.  If there will be
additional losses, the price might tumble towards the $170 support range.

Cryptocurrencies are subject to
wild price fluctuations and many times the whales dump the coins leading to the
drop in prices. Ripple is one of the biggest XRP whales.  And several of them are asking XRP to stop

Investors want XRP to reach its
all-time high.  XRP is a stable coin with
significant potential.  The dumping of
XRP by Ripple is driving the price down. 
“If they stop selling, its more likely the strong demand for this
quality coin will naturally pump the price back to ATH and beyond!”