Altcoin will be worthless in the future due to low liquidity, says Pomp

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Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at the Morgan Creek Digital VC fund, also the expert and investor of cryptocurrency has claimed that the Altcoins will fade away in the upcoming days and there will be no liquidity of altcoins.

The crypto community always keeps getting something about crypto and about its relationship with the finance system from Pompliano who is also known as Pomp.

He said that central banks have now finally agreed on one currency which they are considering as a reserve currency. He told that they took ten years to accept that Bitcoin is the only digital cryptocurrency among other cryptocurrencies who can serve as a reserve currency. But still, there are some banks who have doubts about it.

Altcoins will be Delisted

Pomp says that soon the day will come in which all of the altcoins will be regarded as worthless and there is a chance that exchanges may delist them.

This fortune of altcoins is because of the reason that they are losing their liquidity which will affect their importance in the market exchanges.

Opinions on XRP and ETH

The users of XRP and ETH were stunned on hearing the news about the fortune of altcoins that these are going to be worthless soon. The lovers of these coins moved forward and asked Pomp about his opinion regarding the worth of XRP and Ethereum.

One of the users of XRP said on twitter that I do not trust XRP because it is a centralized coin and it belongs to the banks and banks are not trustworthy.

One of the twitter users linked this question of the vanishing of altcoins with John McAfee. The user tagged him while asking about official McAfee.

Some others also made their assumptions about the survival of these coins and they said only Bitcoin Cash and the privacy-oriented Monero will survive along with Bitcoin and ETH.