Why Ripple {XRP} fails miserably whereas Bitcoin {BTC} and Litecoin {LTC} flourishes

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The price of XRP is at $0.329479, which shows that the coin is yet to show major growth. The price rose by 2.67%. The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $1.277 billion. The total market cap of Ripple is $14.112.

Even though the main organization and the co-founders are raking in huge amounts of funds, the price has not shown significant growth for the last two years. Meanwhile, the supply keeps growing steadily as more are dumped in the market. For now, 42,832,704,971 XRP tokens are in circulation.

As you can see from the chart posted, Bitcoin and Ethereum are by far the most popular on one of the world’s most renowned exchanges. However, Litecoin is the token which HODLers seem to go after for the longest periods of time.

Litecoin is priced at $100.08. It had breached the level at $100 in a short span of time, more resistance will be experienced near the $107 region. The price had a minor burst of 0.79%. The total market cap of Litecoin is $6.279 billion. The trading volume recorded is $3.988 billion.

The circulating supply houses 62,741,762 LTC as of this moment. The halving in slated to take place in August, and thousands are waiting for the highly anticipated bullish momentum to strike.

As reported earlier, Justin Sun is slated to meet Warren Buffett for a grand dinner in the U.S. The aged investor has been critical of cryptocurrencies in the past, and Sun and Charlie Lee of Litecoin Foundation hope to change his mind.

Today, quite a few of the big coins are languishing in the market. Weekends are days when sellers typically have a build-up in their activities, this has cause BTC’s price to shrink scores of times before. For now, BTC is value at $10,605.42. The price shot up by a measly 0.6%. The trading volume recorded is $20.815 billion. The total market cap of Bitcoin is about to cross the $190 billion mark.