Why Chainlink {LINK} is competing against Dash {DASH} as altcoins rush ahead

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In terms of market cap, Chainlink is now $5 million away from beating Dash on coinmarketcap. The price of LINK is at $2.63 according to the latest data. The trading volume recorded is $128.863 million in the course of the past 24-hours. The total market cap of Chainlink is $920.554.

The Coinbase listing during the previous month had caused LINK to surge tremendously. On June 21st, the price was at $1.69, six days later, the price of LINK had reached $4.05. Investors and HODLers were joyous as this less-known altcoin became popular within the span of a week.

After this instance, the price has been largely volatile. But today seems to be great day, as Chainlink is about to cross Dash in the market. If the climb rate remains stable and price keeps increasing, LINK will surpass DASH in no time.

There is an upcoming event scheduled on Telegram for tomorrow. To know more, check out this link:

 Neblio V2.1 was released. QuickSync is now valid for most Operating Systems. Neblio teamed up with Chainlink; so that the decentralized oracle network can work with the Enterprise Blockchain Platform and produce optimum results.

Commerce and the medical industry are certain field where Neblio can find prominence. It is interesting to know that the price for LINK had been boosted during the time when the partnership was unveiled for all to see.

Chainlink is a promising altcoin, which can serve as a great competitor for Dash. With Dash looking to expand their ecosystem after the Travala deal, who do you think will emerge as the winner when this year ends?