Vietnam Visited By Litecoin To Grow Crypto

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Litecoin has one thing in the bag, they’re excellent at marketing their product, coining terms early on such as calling themselves the silver to Bitcoins gold. Using many strategies, it’s maintained popularity holding its spot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Their “Chief Evangelist” John Kim recently travelled to Vietnam to meet the founder of Travala, a worldwide hotel-booking platform. Travala has already been tied quite closely to Litecoin Foundation, offering their cryptocurrency on their platform for bookings, even becoming the official travel partner of the upcoming Litecoin summit in Las Vegas this October.

Travala has been committed to crypto adoption and to offering people a number of ways and places they can spend their Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies while travelling, including in local stores, fun activities and more.

“Our system actually gives out crypto to every single user that uses our platform, whether you use fiat or crypto, and that’s really one of our focus points towards adoption of crypto.”

Litecoin fans have decided to focus on educating the youth on the currency and promoting its versatility and how useful it is with countries across the globe adopting it on their platform. Even the United States now offers Litecoin transactions in a number of places like Whole Foods, Amazon, Game Stop and more through some extremely innovative and useful apps.

The beauty of cryptocurrency is how easy it is to implement. Smartphone manufacturers have been working hard to build payment features on their platforms, allowing consumers for pay for items using traditional banking methods straight from their mobile fans. Something most developed countries have set up in their stores. Cryptocurrency doesn’t need any more technology than what is used now to accept an Apple Pay payment.

Vietnam might be about to go through a cryptocurrency renaissance if this is a successful push, bringing very useful technology to the masses.