Utopia: A Revolutionary Blockchain Server

Fibo Quantum

The highly-anticipated blockchain platform Utopia looks ready to be released this year.

Crypton is a cryptocurrency which is traded on the Utopia platform, a unique type of server. Utopia is a network made entirely from peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain systems. The decentralised nature of the platform ensures that privacy is protected, especially with the absence of a central server. Blockchain miners can thus earn Crypton when mining the chain.

The P2P infrastructure allows only intended recipients to decipher a message. The network can send text, voice and email messages, make financial transactions and send files. By using decentralised blockchain technology, true anonymity and privacy is possible, which is crucial in a time of increased censorship and surveillance. No third party can access your files, contacts, messages, etc, which is not the case for any other application on the internet.

What makes Utopia different from other blockchains is the full extent of the P2P network, allowing for a decentralised server. Other platforms have the power to have their centralised servers seized by authorities.

The network has been under development since 2013, and is likely to be released in 2019. It will be the first truly decentralised ecosystem in the world.