Telecom Giant Verizon Seeks Blockchain Experts to Develop Distributed Networks

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One of the giants in the telecommunication industry, Verizon, is looking to make its way into the blockchain community. The company is looking to hire a competent blockchain team for development of a distributed network in its upcoming projects.

According to new jobs posted Verizon’s job posting site, the company is “focusing on emerging technologies” for developing new networks for all Verizon branches, including the Verizon Business Group, Global Technology Services, and Verizon Consumer Group. Currently, the company seeks five different blockchain engineers and an overall of 21 roles that contain some sort of blockchain-related knowledge or skill.

The postings for blockchain engineers state:

“We are looking for a Senior Blockchain Technologist who will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting a distributed blockchain-based network for various use cases at Verizon. Your primary responsibility will be analyzing requirements, designing blockchain technology to support VCG, VBG and GTS.”

The initial listings on the website is pointing towards a customer-centered product that will promote privacy, security and payment solution inside the system. One of the job postings is thus described:

“This role will be responsible for developing and delivering of initial prototypes and product proof-of-concepts which includes use case development, technical requirements, customer co-development testing and commercialization handoff. The focus of the individual will be on blockchain and other identity/security initiatives (e.g. confidential computing, secure payments) in the emerging technology space.”

And it doesn’t seem to go unnoticed that Verizon is going to face some serious challenges in developing a savvy blockchain team. With the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and more tech and financial giants already investing in the best young blockchain talents, Verizon will need to take some serious measures to lure candidates to the firm.

However, at the same time, the company refuses to comment or disclose anything regarding the project.

Latest to Develop Blockchain-Powered Technological Solutions

In the world of technological advancements, Blockchain continues to be an exciting prospect for many investors out there. Blockchain was created almost a decade ago to help power the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)trade. What has happened since then — especially in recent years — is nothing short of historical.

Lately, the way business is conducted worldwide has been shifting from traditional industries in specific parts of the world into a powerful cross-border business solutions. And that has become more and more possible because of the blockchain industry.

One thing for sure, every technological giant recognizes this fact and looks to make their mark in the industry. With Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency Libra with the wallet service Calibra, and AT&T launching their own blockchain solutions and accepting Bitcoin via BitPay, it seems like the telecom industry is also turning its head into a greenhouse that constantly creates decentralized blockchain-focused network systems for their customers.

And one of the top telecom leaders in the United States, Verizon, is the latest horse in this race.

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