Monero {XMR} wavers; CLI v0.14.1.2 ‘Boron Butterfly’ announced, Bitcoin {BTC} Maximalists exposed

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Around $150 million is the difference in terms of market capitalization, between Cardano {ADA} and Monero {XMR}. The price of XMR is currently at $83.30, after it descended by 3.35%. The trading volume recorded is $101.563 million. The total market cap of Monero, the privacy-centric altcoin is $1.425 billion.

This is a mineable digital currency which presently has 17,112,317 XMR tokens as part of the supply. A release for bug fixes was posted via Reddit. For those who are looking to upgrade, download the binaries, extract them to a directory of your choice. From the previous location (the v0.13.x.x directory or the v0.14.x.x directory), bring in the wallet files as well.

After this, monerod and monero-wallet-cli can be kickstarted successfully. Monero’s decentralized structure has been praised incessantly by experts. If you wish to know more about the upgrade, click here.

I’ll be speaking about such pessimistic individuals now. The Maximalists are a group of agitators who think that altcoins are unnecessary and push for Bitcoin monopoly in the market. Quite simply, they hate the fact that Bitcoin {BTC} may have competition in the future.

Binance Coin and Litecoin are both altcoins, and till June had recorded fabulous gains. These digital currencies had made tons of investors and HODLers overjoyed. Even today, while most the market bled, BNB pulled through and was trading in the green zone.

For Maximalists, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash are the three that actually matter. All three are ranked amongst the top coins in the market. The Bitcoin network has been around for a much longer period of time when paired up against Ethereum or TRON.

Hence, many newbies tend to trust Bitcoin instead of actually exploring the cryptosphere in order to learn about blockchain technology. In the last 10 years, numerous currencies have sprung up, which has helped the entire ecosystem expand.

The Bitcoin protocol is plagued by its own set of problems including vulnerabilities, issues related to speed, to name a few. The transactions are transparent as well. For this purpose, people need to explore and find a virtual currency that can bring in profits so as to help them buy Bitcoin {BTC} at the same time.