Monero {XMR} vs ZCash {ZEX} : for privacy seekers, which is the viable option?

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Monero is ranked at #13 on coinmarketcap. The price of XMR is at $84.88 after it grew by a slight 2.08%. The trading volume recorded is $107.235 million. The total market cap of Monero is $1.452 billion, which might reach $1.5 billion in the next few days.

The circulating supply has 17,110,096 XMR tokens in play.

According to this man, Monero is an excellent alternative to Bitcoin. However, the competitor that XMR has as a privacy token comes from ZEC.

ZCash is ranked at #25 on coinmarketcap. The price of ZEC is at $76.38 after a drop of 0.90% was observed. The trading volume recorded is $227.051 million, which is higher than the value attained by Monero. The total market cap of ZCash is $535.800 million. The supply has 7,015,094 ZEC tokens as of this moment.

ZCash had a friendly fork which led to the birth of YCash [YEC tokens will be assigned to this new digital currency]. If you wish to learn more about this development, head to this page:

Binance Coin {BNB} adjusts supply in play, nurturing the value as ZCash {ZEC} forks

ZCash originally came about as a result of a fork of the Bitcoin protocol, and their privacy is obtained by employing zk-SNARKS. In case of Monero, the protocol followed by the chain is CryptoNote, while  ring signatures and stealth addressed bring about privacy for the sender and the receiver.

Also, Monero is trustless, which points to better decentralization. Irrespective of your nationality, if you are an expert in blockchain technology, you can join their team with ease. ZCash was more popular a year ago, but since then it has slipped in terms of ranks.

For ZCash, you have the option of carrying out ordinary transactions where the addresses of those involved remain public. For Monero, the transfers are privatized from the beginning. In all fairness, Monero adoption has grown a lot during 2019, with China having many users who employ the services provided by the XMR chain.