Monero {XMR} looks to consolidate as World Crypto Conference invites key speakers for the event

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Monero is ranked at #13 on coinmarketcap. The price of XMR plummeted by 1.43%. The trading volume recorded in the span of the past 24-hours is $86.209 million. XMR is priced at $81.23. The total market cap of Monero is $1.390 billion. The circulating supply has 17,122,987 XMR tokens involved for this mineable cryptocurrency.

The Monero GUI Windows Installer is now released [for]. CLI v0.14.1.2 “Boron Butterfly” was unveiled, which took care of some bugs plaguing the network. Tails OS integration for the GUI ended up being merged together. The Monero Tip Bot on Reddit had a v0.8 release.


You can preload XMR ZEC ZER PIVX and ARRR on this privacy-focused node. If you have a USB HD, running BTC is possible as well.

Argentina is a nation which is slowly getting accustomed to cryptocurrencies. As more and more citizens in Latin America switch to crypto in order to carry out affordable cross-border transfers, Monero’s adoption has sped up in some regions [such as Mexico, Brazil, and so on].

Previously, ZCash was way more popular as a privacy-based token. A short while ago, ZCash had their first “friendly” fork being executed, which led to the birth of YCash. Although, this didn’t work out in favour of the altcoin, as the price of ZCash had dropped along with the market value.

The developers of Monero are slated to meet today, via an IRC channel. A Research Lab Meeting and a Monero GUI meeting will take place after this, on 29th and 30th July respectively.