Mapping out the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America

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Quick Take

  • Latin America has 4 million people who are unbanked and 400 million people who don’t have a bank account
  • Countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina have all experienced immense inflation where citizens have had to look for ways to preserve their savings
  • The Block has mapped out 41 companies across 8 different sub-categories in Latin America that are working to bring innovation through blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies 

One of the more interesting aspects of the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem is that rather than being limited to scattered geographic pockets of interest, it’s truly a global phenomenon. So The Block is outlining particular regions to highlight some of the companies and projects taking place across the globe.

The first region we will highlight, it could be argued, is in especially dire need of innovation: Latin America, where 4 million people are considered unbanked and 400 million people, or 70% of the population, don’t have a bank account.