Litecoin Summit 2019 Registerations Begin!

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The Litecoin summit is something to look forward to every year, with big minds from cryptocurrency across the globe showing up to show their support, or distaste, for one of the oldest; and biggest cryptocurrency ever made so far.

This year, the summit will be held in the stunning Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Filled with technical and business experts within the cryptocurrency space, the summit will be entertaining and brimming with information for two days straight between October 28 to 29.

The tickets can be purchased on their official website,which also showcases speakers like the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee, the Director Xinxi Wang and millionaire cryptofan Tim Draper.

And of course you can pay for your ticket with cryptocurrency, what kind of crypto summit would say otherwise. It’s bound to be an exciting time with the /r/Litecoin subreddit already building interesting posters as seen below.