Litecoin shoots off, others try to follow suit

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  • LTC/USD spiked by 15% and is trading for $92.40.
  • The top three coins also made profits this Wednesday.

Wednesday was a much-needed respite for the bulls following a heavily bearish Tuesday. Let’s take a closer look at how the top three did and then reveal the biggest winners and losers of the day, among the top 20 coins.

Top three coins

  • Bitcoin: After BTC/USD dropped to $9,430 this Tuesday, it plummeted to $9,070 before the bulls stepped in this Wednesday. The price recovered all the way up to $9,900 and is looking to re-enter the $10,000-zone.
  • Ethereum: ETH/USD went up from $198.75 to $215.75 over this Wednesday, going up by 8.55%. The bulls need to overcome resistance at $228.85.
  • Ripple: XRP/USD re-entered the $0.30-zone and went up from $0.295 to $0.311 this Wednesday. 

Biggest winners and losers (top 20 coins)

  • Litecoin (LTC) went up by 15% and is trading for $92.40.
  • IOTA (IOT) went up by 9.23% and is trading for $0.292.
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) went up by 8.18% and is trading for $123.68.