Litecoin {LTC} summit 2019 to host achievers in the field of sports; may aid the Foundation in the long run

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For Bitcoin Cash, the present market cap is $5.815 billion, thus proving that the duo are separated by a small amount of $4 million.

Litecoin is ranked at #5 on coinmarketcap. The price jumped up by 3.14% which brought LTC to $92.40. The trading volume recorded is $2.320 billion. The supply involves 62,900,518 LTC tokens circulating as of this moment. The total market cap of Litecoin is $5.811 billion.

Litecoin has had many sports deals announced this year. The World Kickboxing partnership, and the Miami Dolphins agreement was welcomed by thousands in the cryptosphere. Plus, the Flexa integration gave access to more than 39,000 merchants.

Charlie Lee had a rough week, as he faced criticism from those in the DASH ecosystem. Some speculate that he had played a crucial role in the matter of Coinbase alienating DASH as a non-trustworthy virtual currency. Lee had tweeted that part of the DASH supply was instamined, which points to centralization.

This led to numerous retorts accusing Charlie of being responsible for instamining back when Litecoin was unveiled in 2013. Litecoin enthusiasts said that FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] had been the reason why LTC was mined at an incredible rate in the beginning of the venture, and Lee agreed with this view. He has since deleted the original tweet which led to the heated debate between the two ecosystems.

Even though adoption of Litecoin has been soaring in 2019, Dash is not far behind. Their Masternode system and the treasury has earned praise from hundreds [including Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, who is immensely inspired by the Digital Cash blockchain].