Litecoin {LTC} rises to $90 and is the biggest gainer amongst the top altcoins; halving to occur in three weeks

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It seems that the Binance Singapore listing worked in favour towards Litecoin. Currently, Litecoin is ranked at #4 on coinmarketcap, following which comes Bitcoin Cash. The price of LTC is at $91.60 after a boost of 15.30% was observed.

The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $4.806 billion. The total market cap of Litecoin is $5.744 billion. The circulating supply has 62,712,962 LTC tokens in play as of this moment.

Just a while back, Binance Singapore kicked-off. This nation has been pro-bitcoin for years, and the implementation of LTC helped “silver” receive a great jump.

Since a day ago, Litecoin has risen by 14%, and even though Bitcoin had a slight burst as well. The other top altcoin which has recorded big gains is Bitcoin SV. For Miami Dolphins, Litecoin is now the official cryptocurrency partner.

This had also led to LTC scaling highs. But now the price is below $100, which is the next barrier. A month ago, on June 18th, the price of LTC was at $135.64. Due to it having a great year-to-date climb alongside Binance, many had thought that the bullish surge would keep up.

A pullback took place which has now brought the price down. Although, the losses are being covered up as buyers help the momentum consistently. The halvening will take place right at the end of the first week of August, and most investors are patiently waiting for this day.

A price rise is to be anticipated, as the supply-and-demand policy has worked in favor of Bitcoin during halving in the past. Due to the miners giving up as the block rewards are cut, Charlie Lee and some analysts believe that the price might reach $120.

The adoption of Litecoin has sped up ever since the news of the Flexa integration broke the Internet. Will companies in Vietnam and other regions pay heed to the evolving world? The Chief Evangelist of Litecoin had visited the aforementioned country in South-East Asia.