Is TRON Really Taking Over Ethereum (ETH)?

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Ethereum offers a lot of potential in the form of smart contracts and tokenization. This has led to many competing cryptocurrency networks to implement these features, congesting the space. Ethereum is still king, dominating in development and trusted by many. Ethereum, being the second largest blockchain platform in the world by market capitalization, is receiving attention and support from virtually every sector and industry.

Ethereum has quietly taken over as the global platform for every asset, regulated securities, debt, game assets, licenses, digital shadows of physical objects, Ethereum utility tokens & NFTs, insurance & synthetics, Tether & other custodial fiat & wrapped Bitcoin.

Ethereum-based securities trading platform seeks to “provide an IPO-like platform” that would enable private firms to attract capital. The platform provides an attractive package, with an easy way for people to invest using fiat, through a secure way on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform would enable companies to attract investments by issuing security tokens.

Apart from digital securities, the Ethereum platform has also found favor in the eyes of those seeking to use blockchain technology to issue loans. A startup has opened, utilizing peer-to-peer mechanisms to match lenders with borrowers. There are a handful of ways to earn interest on your crypto in a non-custodial manner, pretty much all of those require a high degree of technical knowledge. The startup allows users to earn interest or take out a line of credit against their crypto from anywhere in the world, without a bank account or identity check.

The network also hosts some popular games, and another startup trying to improve the royalty payment system. While TRON has seen fair amount of success in the field, their platform appears to be used primarily for gambling and inconsequential DApps. The Ethereum network is building a strong number of use cases that benefit people everywhere, slowly and surely pulling itself into the limelight.