Increase transactions in the Ethereum blockchain 4 years after its launch

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The Ethereum community is celebrating its fourth anniversary, while the number of transactions that are recorded on this blockchain continues to increase.

For the second quarter of 2019, Circle Research signed a 43.9% increase in the number of daily network transactions compared to the month of March. In the Crypto Retrospective document 2Q19, published on July 28, it is noted that the Ethereum network has been more active between the months of April and June than in the first quarter of 2019. Also, the number of active addresses per day also increased since February, registering an increase of 32.7%. However, the network still does not reach the activity levels of 2018, although it could exceed them in the coming months.

The average daily transactions in Ethereum is still lower than last year, at a percentage of 2% according to Circle Research analysts. Also, the number of active daily addresses decreased by 12.6% compared to 2018 levels. As for the value transferred daily on the network, there was an increase of 113.9% for the months of April and June.

For all of 2018, a greater amount of ETH was transferred than in 2019, decreasing by 47.1% per year. The size of transactions also decreased from year to year, reducing 48.1%.

The amount of gas paid on the network in recent months also increased compared to the first quarter. The increase from one quarter to another has been 27.3%, according to analysts, and 9.3% from year to year.

The growth and development of Ethereum as a network leads to this new version. However, Circle analysts have stressed that in recent years new platforms specialized in smart contracts have been created, such as Cosmo, Tezos and EOS. These projects make direct competition to Ethereum and could benefit from the context of Ethereum 2.0.